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The Economist - 2017-04-01

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics Business KAL's cartoon Britain and the European Union: The negotiator The White House: Frustration Coal’s decline: Sunlight over soot Myanmar: A hero disappoints Economic policy: Friction lovers On Scoxit, domino theory, quantum physics, refugees, inequality, apostrophes: Letters to the editor America’s checks and balances: Constrained? Tax reform: The red and the brown Farming in the Midwest: Rhyme time Environmental policy: Down and dirty College protests: Bicker warning Trump and Russia: Never-ending story Lexington: Now for the hard part Cuba: Stuck in the past Canada’s new rules of war: When to shoot a child soldier Bello: Upgrading Brazil’s political class Myanmar: Governing in prose Jihadists in Bangladesh: Fighting a hydra Political freedom in Singapore: No place for the crass Suicide in India: A break for the despairing Politics in South Korea: Moon also rises China and America: Tortoise v hare Banyan: Lovin’ Hong Kong Famine stalks Africa and Yemen: The third horseman returns Islamic State: Mine enemy Israel: Prime minister v pundits Egypt and America: Loved up Protests in Russia: The young and the restless Portugal’s recovery: Growing out of it Foreign policy in France’s election: Beyond the Hexagon Slovakia’s political mystery: Family drama Charlemagne: Pivot towards Tokyo Britain and the European Union: A race against time The UK Independence Party: And then there were none Labour v capital: Justice in an age of austerity British Airways on a budget: Of sandwiches and Percy Pigs Birmingham’s Muslims: In the eye of the storm Home-grown terrorism: Zeal of the convert Bagehot: What would Walter say? The war on poverty: Fewer, but still with us High-end retailing: Lux in flux Swiss watchmakers: Wound up Indian education: Cramville Scott Gottlieb and the FDA: Drug of choice Internet advertising: Advalanche Nuclear power: Fallout Schumpeter: Sonic boom Chinese-American economic ties: The silk-silver axis Free exchange: Remember the mane Energy in Asia: Canary in the coal mine Buttonwood: Repent at leisure Equity research: Breaking up is hard to do Italy’s bad debts: Cleaning up Indonesia’s tax amnesty: A small price to pay The market for sand: A shore thing Brains and computers: We can remember it for you wholesale Biomedical engineering: Moving moments Detecting chemical weapons: Laying a glove on it Global air pollution: Trading in mortality Bird brains and traffic accidents: Small is not beautiful Vaccines: Taking stock Faith and tradition in China: Pilgrims through this barren land Sexual selection: Gender fluidity New fiction: Heady stuff David Jones, painter-poet: Modernist man Classical music: An elegant primer Johnson: Everybody has their opinion Derek Walcott: Songs of the sea Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index World GDP Markets

The Economist - 2017-03-11

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps Britain’s budget: Spreadsheets v politics Stockmarkets: Bubble-spotting Geopolitics: One China, many meanings Food snobbery and economics: In praise of quinoa On renewable energy, voting: Letters to the editor The one-China policy: The great brawl of China Democracy in America: Everything-gate Ryancare: Medicine or poison? Lobbying for refugees: That’s awesome The updated travel ban: Improved, unjust WikiLeaks, again: The spy who came in for the code Chicago: This American carnage Campus free speech: Blue on blue Lexington: Fear and loathing everywhere Brazil: An accidental, consequential president Ethnicity in the Caribbean: Favouring curry Bello: How to steal a country Australia’s economy: On a chiko roll Elections in Western Australia: Western values Free speech in Singapore: Grumble and be damned North Korea and Malaysia: A despot takes hostages Pakistan: Pak on track? Banyan: A tale of two statues The national legislature: Caretaker of the chrysalis Politics: Any colour, so long as it’s red Dodging censorship: Xi, the traitor The war against Islamic State: Caliphate at bay Egypt’s economy: Green shoots A port for Gaza: Preventing the next war Cameroon: Lingua fracas South Africa: Disgrace The Dutch election: The populists’ dilemma A new charter for Turkey: Me, the people Humanitarian visas: Another way in? Macedonia’s political crisis: Scared in Skopje Strays in Istanbul: When fat cats are a good thing Charlemagne: Go, speed racer, go The budget: Calm before the storm New taxes: Read my lips Northern Ireland: An upset in Ulster European Union migrants: Administrative agonies Sport and politics: Rugby unionism Further education: Technical upgrade Juvenile delinquency: The kids are all right Bagehot: Theresa May sallies forth Grain consumption: Of rice and men Quantum devices: Here, there and everywhere Metrology: Sensing sensibility Communications: Oh what entangled web we weave Quantum computers: Cue bits Brain scan: David Deutsch Software: Program management Uses: Commercial breaks The mining business: The richest seam Tech IPOs: Oh, Snap! PSA buys Opel: Used carmaker Railways: The whistle’s blowing Rise of the micro-multinational: Chinese and overseas New production technologies: Recasting steel Schumpeter: Jiopolitics The future of insurance: Counsel of protection Peer-to-peer insurance: When life throws you lemons Asset management: Choosing Life Buttonwood: A port in a storm Deutsche Bank: Blues in a different key Trade with China: Shock horror Global property prices: Searching for sanctuary Green-shipping finance: Light at the end of the funnel The Dutch economy: Who’s Nexit? Free exchange: Borrowed time Synthetic biology: Something’s brewing Unmanned underwater vehicles: A clever solution Women in research: Fairer than it was Road accidents: Safe on taxis Smartphone diagnostics: Pictures of health Sexual attractiveness: My chemical romance The future of America: Bland comfort Social media: In praise of serendipity Dutch fiction: Madness in words Consciousness explained: The blind Bach-maker Traditional Japanese theatre: Enduring power Mostafa el-Abbadi: All the books in the world Interactive indicators Other markets Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist poll of forecasters, March averages The Economist commodity-price index Markets

The Economist - 2017-01-28

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon The multinational company: In retreat Venezuela: It’s a mad, mad, mad, Maduro world America’s trade with China: Jaw, jaw Private schools in poor countries: Tablets of learning Family life in Russia: Empowering the vilest malefactors On assisted suicide, John Calvin, languages, calendars, the Normans: Letters to the editor Multinationals: The retreat of the global company Donald Trump in office: Trust me, I’m the president Abortion policy: Gag reflex Pipelines: On a war footing Replacing Obamacare: High risk by name Subsidising professional sports: If you fund it, they may come Schools: Teaching economics Colleges and inequality: Skipping class Lexington: The Herbal Tea Party Venezuela: Maduro’s dance of disaster Bello: Death of a justice Mexico and the United States: Pistols drawn Sport in Argentina: Football for nobody The South China Sea: Own shoal Politics in Malaysia: Regal trouble Censorship in South Korea: The new black Indigenous Australians: Ministering to his own The race for governor in Jakarta: Demolition in progress Banyan: Goring the law Mental illness: Ending the shame Lunar new year: Rooster boosters Syria’s peace talks: Time for someone else to have a go Arab politics: Who can unblock Morocco? Israel: Unsettled Gambia: No Jammeh tomorrow Air travel: Nigeria makes its capital a no-fly zone Inheritance in Zimbabwe: Why widows get evicted Germany’s Social Democrats: A slim chance of being chancellor The Koblenz “counter-summit”: We are the alt-world Italian politics: Matteo Renzi’s rush to elections France’s presidential election: In the pink Wife-beating in Russia: Putin’s family values Charlemagne: Please Mr Erdogan Local government: Running on empty Brexit and Article 50: Supreme judgment Sinn Fein: A new sort of leader Industrial strategy: Less is more Teaching clever children: Russian lessons Business after Brexit: Leave or Remain? A property boom in the Shetland Islands: Heading north Bagehot: A difficult hole Muslim head coverings: What not to wear Headscarves in Turkey: Under cover Bridge International Academies: Assembly line Formula One: Bye-bye, Bernie Political dating websites: Making America date again Qualcomm: Until the patents squeak Food retailing: The big McCustomisation How to build a nuclear-power plant: Nuclear options Schumpeter: Overnight sensation Sino-American trade: Rules of engagement The trade-war scenario: Apocalypse now Dublin as a financial centre: Emerald aisles Buttonwood: Letting go Student loans: Grading education Aid and migrant labour: Ticket to pride Chinese economic data: Potemkin province Reinsurance: Daddy long tail Free exchange: Mad maximum Physics: Small is still beautiful The academy and the marketplace: Mathematical transformations Vehicle engine management: Intelligence test Regenerative medicine: A tissue of truths The roots of modern resentment: Enlightenment and its discontents Istanbul: Where the past is not dead New fiction: A man in full Politics and sentiment: Utopia of reason Sundance: An inconvenient moment Arthur Manuel: Unsettling Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Perceptions of corruption Markets

The Economist - 2017-01-21

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon A Trump White House: The 45th president African politics: A dismal dynast Britain and the European Union: A hard road Regulating car emissions: Road outrage The legacy of gendercide: Too many single men Letters to the Editor: On Theresa May, the split infinitive, Disney, missiles, tax, steel, India's demonetisation, Flashman The Trump administration: A helluva handover Peter Navarro: Free-trader turned game-changer Emboldened states: California steaming Women’s rights: March nemesis Asian-American voters: Bull in a China shop Chelsea Manning: The long commute Lexington: History lessons El Salvador: Unhappy anniversary Argentina: Tango in trouble Cuban migrants: Special no more Chinese influence in South-East Asia: The giant’s client Education in Thailand: Not rocket science Street vendors in Mumbai: Stabbed in the snack Politics in Australia: Going for gold Pakistan’s economy: Roads to nowhere China and the world: The new Davos man The navy: Deep blue ambition Banyan: Dangling forbidden pleasures The African Union: Ex factor Farming in Ethiopia and Kenya: Qatnip Default in paradise: Boats and a scandal Bahrain: An unhappy isle Terrorism in Tunisia: Jihadis come home Turkey’s all-powerful president: Iron constitution Emigration in eastern Europe: The old countries The European Parliament: A shift to the right Reform in Russia: Listen, liberal Russian propaganda: Putin’s prevaricating puppets Charlemagne: Looking hairy Brexit: Doing it the hard way Trade with America: The art of the deal Northern Ireland: Polls apart The National Health Service: Don’t carry on, doctor Museums: Changing the guard Regeneration through culture: Larkin around Ill-gotten gains: Scrounging for coppers Bagehot: Let the work permits flow Sex selection: Boy trouble Prizing girls: Like father, like daughter Cigarette companies: Plucky strike Fiat Chrysler: Gas puzzlers Samsung: Heir of disapproval French and Italian firms: Into the frame Rolls-Royce: Weathering the storm Information technology: Reboot Tata Sons: Chandra’s challenge Schumpeter: Six sects of shareholder value Italy’s bank rescue: Saving Siena Finance in Cyprus: Bank from the brink Ukraine’s economy: The other war Buttonwood: Zombies ate our growth Indonesian capital flows: Heavy baggage American financial regulation: Not with a bang Brexit and financial regulation: Lost passports Inequality: A minivan of Mammon Free exchange: Tariff-eyeing policy Modelling brains: Does not compute Panda genetics: Hey, dude. Give me six! Solar physics and palaeontology: Set in stone Submarine warfare: Torpedo junction Submarine warfare: The Richard Casement internship America’s secret war: They just kept coming 19th-century French literary history: When Emile Zola fled Paris The joys of smoking: Naughty, but nice The AIDS crisis in America: Chronicles of death foretold The Elbphilharmonie: Worth the wait, and the cost Johnson: One country, two systems Clare Hollingworth: Sniffing the breezes Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index New passenger-car registrations Markets

The Economist (20161119)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Trump’s world: The new nationalism Obamacare: And a pony for everyone The French presidential election: Europe’s biggest populist danger Pacific trade: Try, Persist, Persevere! Tata Group: Ratantrum On the American election: Letters to the editor Who is Chinese?: The upper Han The Trump administration: The tower of silence The Affordable Care Act: Obamasnare Donald Trump and the Supreme Court: Listing right Voter registration: Oregon lets it ride Capital punishment: Death has less dominion Conflicts of interest: Dynasty The presidential election: Illness as indicator Lexington: Democrats on the brink Latin America and China: A golden opportunity Haiti after the hurricane: Weaker than the storm Bello: If at first you don’t succeed... The collapse of TPP: Trading down South Korean politics: The i-word Indonesian politics: Tolerance on trial Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal: Nothing to see here Islamic State in Pakistan: Lethal partners Australia and asylum-seekers: The American solution China and American democracy: Weighing up Telangpu Hong Kong’s legislature: Nipped in the bud Communists: Pride in the party Banyan: A China-America romance? The nuclear deal with Iran: On borrowed time Iran: Theocratic troubles Syria: The next push Ghana: Nkrumah’s heirs Corruption in Sierra Leone: Call it in France’s Republican primary: The veterans The Balkans: Clinton-lands Russian intrigues: Arresting developments Procurement spending: Rigging the bids Charlemagne: Iron waffler Online shopping and business: All that is solid melts into air Brexit and public opinion: Fifty-fifty nation Prosecuting sex offences: The hardest cases Medical records: Patient revolution Animal rights: Hunted down Britain’s young: Generation Screwed or Generation Snowflake? Bagehot: The fourth pillar sways Global politics: League of nationalists Tata Group: Clash of the Tatas Donald Trump and American energy: Polluting the outlook Mining: Vein hope Samsung buys Harman: Amp my ride Corporate Italy: Seize the day Consumer goods: Pot of gold Schumpeter: Uncertain business Emerging markets: Reversal of fortune Buttonwood: Save yourself Iceland’s post-crisis economy: It’s not up to you Agricultural Bank of China: Sanctions with Chinese characteristics Banks and “too big to fail”: Kash call China’s corporate debt: State of grace Credit in China: Just spend Free exchange: That Eighties show Additive manufacturing: Magnetic moments Oceans in space: Not so lonely sea in the sky Malaria: The biter bit Censusing fisheries: Where’s the catch? Globalisation: The third wave Somalia: Hope among the horror Campaign strategists: The art of political war New fiction: Rhythm of life Physics: Empty space, the final frontier Classical music: West meets East Leonard Cohen: Raising the song Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Access to electricity Markets

The Economist - 2016-11-12

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon America’s new president: The Trump era Negotiating Brexit: The way forward Hong Kong: China’s new Tibet Egypt’s reforms: Two cheers for the general On central banks, Poland, Denmark, companies, Frida Kahlo, democracy: Letters to the editor America and the world: The piecemaker The world reacts: “Do nightmares come true?” Nuclear codes: A new finger on the button Election 2016: How it happened The Trump administration: What to expect Trump and the economy: Strap up Polling and prediction: Epic fail The Democrats: Destiny derailed Lexington: The people v the people Donald Trump and Mexico: The wall that appals Maple syrup crimes: Syrup and sin Property in Venezuela: Maduro’s boom Bello: The limits of technocratic government Japanese politics: Abe ascendant Ferdinand Marcos: Hail to the thief Civilians v soldiers in Pakistan: General consternation Wildlife conservation: Grim pickings Pollution in India: Worse than Beijing Banyan: Prophets of piffle Democracy: China holds elections Separatism in Hong Kong: Umbrellas out Cyber-regulation: The noose tightens Lou Jiwei: A little local difficulty Zimbabwe: Life after Bob Fighting fires in South Africa: Burning down the house South Africa’s courts: Judges v Jacob Egyptian politics: Sense and sensitivity Islamic State in Syria: Anyone for Raqqa? Tunisia’s tourism: The Russians are coming Europe’s alt-right: Wolves in skinny jeans Germany’s loony right: The Reich lives on Polish paranoia: Tales from the crypt Russia’s Trump fans: Our American cousin While you were watching Trump...: Turkey locks up dissidents Charlemagne: When America sneezes… Brexit and Parliament: Questions of sovereignty India and Britain: A cooler climate Marks and Spencer scales down: Pants on fire The benefit cap: Tightening the screw Brexit and politics: Election fever Marine energy: Ruling the waves Buried treasure: Hitting the jackpot Remembering war: Policing poppies Bagehot: The machine splutters Espionage: Shaken and stirred Technology: Tinker, tailor, hacker, spy Governance: Standard operating procedure Edward Snowden: You’re US government property China and Russia: Happenstance and enemy action How to do better: The solace of the law American business: Meet the new boss Trump and tech: System crash Volkswagen: A long road to recovery BAE Systems: Fighting fit Taxis take on Uber: African potholes Courier firms: The big sort Schumpeter: The great divergence The world economy: Our election, your problem Buttonwood: Déjà vu all over again The world economy: Coming up Trumps Housing in America (1): The cost of poor lending Housing in America (2): To those that have Money in India: Taking notes Banks and cybercrime: Online checkout Banks and cybercrime: Internship Particle physics: So long, Susy? Palaeontology: Origin story Space exploration: Dusting yourself down Drug development: Pets on trial Naval warfare: Follow the trail Global warming: Days of the triffids Literary history: Refugee avant la lettre Turkey: Fault-lines upon fault-lines Natural history: Omnivore’s delight A literary life: Cartergraphy Glenda Jackson in “King Lear”: Wielding the matter Johnson: Doing by talking Raoul Wallenberg: The persistence of hope Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index The Economist poll of forecasters, November 2016 Markets

The Economist (20161105)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business KAL's cartoon The presidential election: America’s best hope Water: The dry facts Lebanon: Time to talk Taif Taxation in India: Take it easy Britain’s House of Lords: Time to ennoble Nigel Jordan, democracy, Brexit, depression, infrastructure, Spain, private equity, Van Cliburn, Elon Musk: Letters to the editor Water scarcity: Liquidity crisis The battleground: Countdown White voters: What’s going on The campaigns: On the trail The African-American vote: Early, but less often Election brief: Foreign policy: World-shaking Lexington: Donald Trump, vigilante Dams in the Amazon: Not in my valley Rio de Janeiro: A Pentecostal’s progress Violence against women: Murder and machismo Bello: What is to be done in Venezuela? South Korean politics: No confidantes Australia and asylum-seekers: Bashing the boat people Sex education in Japan: Tiptoeing around The South China Sea: Duterte waters Politics in Tamil Nadu: Suspended animation Politics in Hong Kong: China’s wrath Politics: Esprit de core Fakes: Seeing red Banyan: Sun-worshippers Lebanon: Census and sensibility Saudi Arabia’s reforms: Building on sand Cronyism in South Africa: Friends with benefits Boko Haram: Rounding up the survivors Censorship in Kenya: X-rated everything The battle for Russia’s history: Remember, remember Putinism’s icons: A tale of two Vladimirs France’s president self-destructs: Into the abyss More arrests in Turkey: Goodbye, “Republic” The German elections in 2017: Best frenemies Charlemagne: For our freedom and yours The Chinese in Britain: Raise the red lantern Life sciences: Life after Brexit Cyber-security: Britain flexes its cyber-muscles The Article 50 case: Taking back control Heroin addiction: Fixing problems The intern economy: The road from serfdom Manufacturing fetishism: A false idol Online governance: Lost in the splinternet Tech firms’ pay wars: Money honeys Startups: Silicon Beach Japanese entrepreneurs: Slow to startup Chinese aerospace: We are sorry to announce Online advertising: Keeping watch Niche smartphones: A sea of black mirrors Schumpeter: Political business Shale oil: Permian hyperbole Buttonwood: A turning-point? China’s industrial policy: Plan v market America’s foreign debts: Net debt, big returns Brexit and venture capital: Turning off the tap Taxation in India: Lost in transition Aid in kind: Free two shoes Refugees in Sweden: Seeking asylum—and jobs Free exchange: Apps and downsides Military supply lines: Having no truck with it How to store electricity underwater: Depths of imagination Scrutinising science: The watchers on the Web Tracking down missing clinical trials: Tested, and found wanting Oenology: The war on terroir Cancer treatment: Missile tracking Contemporary America: Death by the barrelful Fiction from Israel: To laugh, to weep Football writing: A game of two halves Philip Roth: America across the river Christianity and history: The search goes on Maps: X marks the spot Valerie Hunter Gordon and Junko Tabei: Climb every mountain Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Pension funds Markets

The Economist (20161029)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Canada’s example to the world: Liberty moves north The Bank of England: Hands off The International Criminal Court: Back it, join it Business in America: Vertical limit Investment banks: Too squid to fail On globalisation, Thailand, new drugs, Bill Clinton, tourism: Letters to the editor Canada: The last liberals Trump and Putin: My brilliant friend From DC with love: Naming without shaming The Affordable Care Act: Crunch time The campaigns: On the trail The presidential election: Making a U-tahn Election brief: Education: Little changes Lexington: Meet Kamala Harris Venezuela: Fighting their chains Brazilian sport: Something new to cheer Nicaragua: Fourth time unlucky Bello: Ciudad Juárez trembles again India’s Muslims: An uncertain community Bailing out Mongolia: A wrong direction in the steppe Influence-peddling in South Korea: Gift horse Politics in the Maldives: Sibling rivalry Pakistan’s business climate: If you want it done right Banyan: A shrimp among whales History: Nihil sine Xi Parking: The other car problem Off-grid solar power: Africa unplugged The International Criminal Court: Exit South Africa African economies: The oil effect Iraq: Tightening the noose Turkey’s intervention in Syria and Iraq: Erdogan’s war game Medical marijuana in Israel: Light-up nation Islamic State’s loss of Dabiq: Apocalypse postponed Migration in France: The end of an ugly affair Inequality and education: Germany’s Sandernistas Regional inequality: A tale of more than two cities Spanish politics: Back again Energy efficiency: Populism tastes best hot The impact of Brexit: Britain shoots Ireland, too Charlemagne: The age of vetocracy Brexit and the City: From Big Bang to Brexit Child refugees: Gnashing of teeth The post-Brexit economy: Measuring the fallout Industry in the north-east: Parked Managing globalisation: To the losers, the scraps The Liberal Democrats: Cleared for take-off Technical education: The new three Rs Drugs policy: Qat flap Bagehot: How to be a good bastard Bagehot: Journalist wanted Early childhood development: Give me a child AT and Time Warner: Angling for the future of TV Big tobacco: All fired up Tata Group: Mistry exit Companies’ dark pasts: Ghosts in the machine Brazilian business: Out of the gloom The sharing economy: Deflating Airbnb Schumpeter: Jail bait Investment banking: Rebooting Buttonwood: No Trumps! Digital money: Known unknown Asian deflation: Steel trap China’s growth: The greatest moderation Clean energy v coal: Fighting the carbs Free exchange: Passing the buck Bathymetry: In an octopus’s garden The world’s weirdest place?: Topsy turvy Cyber-security: Crash testing Schiaparelli’s end: Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture Dealing with autism: First, treat the parents Shark behaviour: Waste not, want not Eleanor Roosevelt: Ahead of her time Europe’s single currency: France v Germany American fiction: Dope and the doppelganger Modernist art from Mexico: Evolutionary tales Johnson: Lexicography unbound Andrzej Wajda: Obituary: Conscience-keeper Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Doing business Markets

The Economist - 2016-10-22

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Russia: Putinism The battle for Mosul: Crushing the caliphate Business in America: Float like a butterfly Thailand’s succession: A royal mess Trade agreements: Asterix in Belgium On Brexit, Bob Dylan, bonds, Donald Trump: Letters to the editor Private Equity: The barbarian establishment Election 2016: Hating Hillary The third debate: Final insult The campaigns: Heard on the trail Election brief: Infrastructure: A view from the bridge Lexington: How to shoot a man in Reno Canada’s climate policy: Let the haggling begin Bello: A model Latin American Clowns in Cuba: The red-nosed gold rush Informality in Latin America: Casual Mondays to Fridays Thailand’s monarchy: An empty throne Bhutan: Happy-grow-lucky South Asian media: All hail Assisted suicide in Australia: On the brink Maternity culture in Japan: No pain, no gain Preservation in India: Brick by brick Banyan: Duterte’s pivot Politics: Master of nothing Iraq: Marching on Mosul Jordan: The uneasy crown Saudi Arabia’s religious police: Advice for the vice squad South Africa: This other Eden Project Justice in Africa: Poor law Ukraine’s future: Bone of contention Ukraine’s rock-star politician: Front man Russia’s Bashneft deal: Easy sale Italy’s Five Star Movement: Requiem for a dreamer The Canada-EU trade deal: Hot-air Walloons Charlemagne: Couleurs primaires Social mobility: A class apart Inflation: Only the beginning Politics: Theresa’s way Policing: The long lens of the law Porn and protest: Obscene and not heard Britain and the European Union: Brexit à la carte Housebuilding: Prefabs sprout Public inquiries: Question time Education: Not-so-super heads Bagehot: The spectre of Scoxit Migration to Europe: Travelling in hope Russia: Inside the bear The economy: Milk without the cow Power structures: Wheels within wheels Foreign policy: The fog of wars Modern life: Tell me about Joan of Arc Past and future: Take care of Russia Elon Musk’s empire: Countdown Media models: Channelling Trump Biotechnology: The trials of Juno Retailing: Push my buttons African airlines: Well-connected Indian furniture makers: Turning the tables Schumpeter: Techno wars Government bonds: Who’s scary now? Venezuelan government debt: Running out of time Italian banks: Spectral forms Buttonwood: Mutual incomprehension Watson and financial regulation: It knows their methods Free exchange: Subtract and divide Making sex cells from body cells: The ancestor’s tail Urban planning: Listen to the music of the traffic in the city Anti-malaria drugs: Do you yield? Exploring Mars: Triumph or disaster? Sexual cannibalism: Nature’s cruellest one-night stand The meaning of jihad: Men of war Migrants: Making profits out of hope Ngugi wa Thiong’o: A song of Africa Latin American Modernism: A time of gifts Fiction from Israel: Delusion chronicle Steven Isserlis: String fellow Dario Fo: Italy’s jester Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Commodities Markets

The Economist - 2016-10-15

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Election 2016: The debasing of American politics Pharmaceuticals: Bad medicine Intervention in Yemen: The forgotten war China’s property market: Rotten foundations Sterling: Taking a pounding On Venezuela, aid, Syria, tax, Mars, adjectives: Letters to the editor The Trump tape: With these hands The politics of sexual assault: It’s not just the powerful Hillary Clinton’s campaign: Hacked off The campaigns: Heard on the trail The evangelical vote: Absalom’s revenge Washington state’s carbon tax: Of wood and trees Bilingual education: Learning to assimilate Lexington: Growing Cotton in Iowa US-Mexico trade: In the shadow of the wall US-Canada trade: The other neighbour Haiti after the hurricane: Matthew’s fury Bello: Whether ’tis Nobeler in the mind Nuclear energy in Japan: Stop-start Politics in Thailand: Holding their breath Booming Bangladesh: Tiger in the night Myanmar’s Muslims: Sparks near tinder Graft-busting in South Korea: Trick or treat Banyan: Let not a billion tongues bloom Hong Kong politics: No swearing Dysfunctional constituencies: Too many seats for farmers A policeman’s lot: Not happy Ethiopia: The downside of authoritarian development Agriculture and climate: Fertile discussion Yemen: Deaths at a funeral South Africa: Rolling the rand Morocco’s election: More of the same? The rise of Syria’s White Helmets: Local heroes Poland’s populist government: Ladies in black Refugees and sex: Belgian girls aren’t easy German business and Brexit: BMW won’t save Britain Charlemagne: Two cheers for hypocrisy Airport expansion: Final call International students: Hasta la visa Brexit and Article 50: Parliament rules, not OK? Second thoughts on Europe: After Brexit, Bregret Government and entrepreneurship: More slowdown than startup London river crossings: The Thames barrier Devolution: Brum Brum Bagehot: The isle is full of noises The United Nations’ secretary-general: Can the next man do better? The shadow economy: Unregulated, untaxed, unloved Samsung’s smartphone woes: Charred chaebol Working style in Japan: Overdoing it Apple in Italy: Made men Advertising: Gold posts Privatisation in Vietnam: Cream of the crop Technology in China: Insanely virtual Business schools: Campus vs beach The world’s best MBA programmes: Worth it? Schumpeter: The business of outrage Chinese property: When a bubble is not a bubble Buttonwood: Flash and the firestorm Wells Fargo’s boss stands down: Stumpfed Portugal’s economy: Adventure tourism America’s workers: Feel the force flow Bangladesh’s missing millions: Hide and seek Payment-card fees: Marked cards Free exchange: Hard bargains Depression and its treatment: Sniffing at a new solution Prosthetic medicine: Once more, with feeling Civil engineering: Scouring, the future Manufacturing ultracapacitors: Baltic exchange Social attitudes: Not worth a second glance China today (1): To have and to hold China today (2): Build, and they will come Afghanistan: Karzai Inc Classical music: Piano man On Broadway: The stories people tell Hanoi Hannah: The music of English Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Remittances Markets

The Economist - 2016-10-01

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Anti-globalists: Why they’re wrong Election 2016: Lessons of the debate The war in Syria: Grozny rules in Aleppo Ending Latin America’s oldest war: A messy but necessary peace Colonising Mars: For life, not for an afterlife On the NHS, Hong Kong, alternative voting, socialist beer: Letters to the editor Colombia’s peace: A chance to clean up The Clintons’ financial affairs: Bill and Hillary Inc. Donald Trump’s finances: Touching the void Saudi Arabia and 9/11: Enter the lawyers The campaigns: Heard on the trail Florida: Where past and future collide Election brief: climate change: Notes from the undergrowth Lexington: No happy ending Venezuela: The angry 80% Bello: A discredited profession Thailand’s economy: The dangers of farsightedness Cambodian politics: The velvet glove frays Protest in South Korea: Death by water cannon Mould-breaking politicians (1): Going into battle Mould-breaking politicians (2): Twice a minority Regional development: Rich province, poor province Banyan: The eyes have it Syria’s civil war: The agony of Aleppo The destruction of Aleppo: Crushed flowers Morocco’s elections: A “weird and strange” campaign Nigerian vigilantes: The home guard Endangered species: To sell or not to sell? Congo’s political crisis: A burnt-out case Hungary’s anti-migrant vote: Boundary issues Turkey’s armed forces: Chains of command Russia and MH17: Brought to BUK AIDS in Russia: Immune to reason Danish culture: Cocoa by candlelight Charlemagne: A tale of two ethics The Labour Party conference: You say you want a revolution Sporting scandal: Own goals Immigration and Africa: Hello right hand, meet left hand Education: The road to London Looking after the elderly: Sans everything Child development: Baby steps Bagehot: Jeremy Corbyn, dodgy dealer Transport as a service: It starts with a single app The world economy: An open and shut case Free trade: Coming and going Migration: Needed but not wanted Capital mobility: The good, the bad and the ugly Deregulation and competition: A lapse in concentration Saving globalisation: The reset button Nintendo: Jump-start Business in China: Mixed messages Ink wars: Blot on the landscape Digital advertising: Doesn’t ad up Europe’s outposts: Not always in clusters Voice computing: Prick up your ears Schumpeter: Don’t limit the revolution Trade deals: Hard bargain Oil: The little cartel that could The Mexican peso: Slip slidin’ away Buttonwood: Taking it to 11 Share trading in America: Warping the loom Psychometrics: Tests of character Chinese IPOs in Hong Kong: Cornering the market Food for refugees: Fat help Free exchange: Down to earth Interplanetary settlement: The world is not enough Bruce Springsteen: A whole damn city crying Violence in England: Killing fields Culture in Britain: Civilised and civilising Poetry and the poet: A display of digging The Federal Reserve: Man in the dock Obituary: Shimon Peres: Intriguing for peace Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Global mergers and acquisitions Markets

The Economist - 2016-09-03

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Personal transportation: Uberworld Corporate taxation: Bruised Apple The British economy and Brexit: The right kind of budget Brazil’s new president: A chance for a fresh start Counter-terrorism: Scared? Make women disrobe On China, Labour, assisted suicide, Yazidis, voting, long lunches, dogs, religion, Donald Trump: Letters to the editor Uber: From zero to seventy (billion) The Senate: Downballot blues Bounty hunting: Delivery men Zika in Florida: Boots on the ground Political science: Trump and the academy Johns Hopkins: Applied research Lexington: In Trump they trust Brazil: Time for Temer The Latinobarómetro poll: Neither Trumpian nor Brexiteer Bello: The unspeakable and the inexplicable Uzbekistan’s president: An ailing despot Australia and the Pacific: Foam flecked Marriage in Japan: I don’t Surrogacy in India: The end of paid labour? Banyan: Agreeing to agree Xinjiang: The race card Social media: Posers for the party Nigeria’s food crisis: Hunger games South Africa: Uncivil war Egypt’s economy: Of bread, bribes and fungus Guinea and the haj: The pilgrims’ tale The war on Syria’s doctors: The ultimate barbarity France’s identity politics: Ill-suited The future of the EU: Now what? Germany’s refugee anniversary: Assimilation report German populism’s heartland: East is east Charlemagne: Magical misery tour The economy since the Brexit referendum: Fact and fiction Infrastructure: Ropy roads, rail and runways Britain and France: Calais capers Measuring crime: Bobbies on the spreadsheet Polish businesses: Staying put Bagehot: The ungovernables Terrorism: Learning to live with it Corporate taxation: The €13 billion bite Drugs in America: Seizure-inducing Xiaomi: Show me again Serge Pun & Associates: Honest partner Corporate activists in Germany: Stada and deliver Zalando: Fashion forward Schumpeter: Leaving for the city Schumpeter: Correction: Own goal China’s data: Superstition ain’t the way Politics and statistics: Called to account Stockmarket returns in America: The long arm of the Fed Indian capital markets: Bank vigilantes Private-equity search funds: Seek and we shall fund Bad loans to shipping: That sinking feeling Australia’s economy: Good on you Free exchange: More spend, less thrift Vaccines: Putting shots in the locker Chronic-fatigue syndrome: Blood simple? Textiles and thermoregulation: A cool shirt The Anthropocene: Dawn of a new epoch? The state of the world: Better and better European history: The best of times Indian politics: Raise him up History of philosophy: Seeing the light Fiction: You’re my baby New American television: As real as a dream Obituary: Roly Bain: Let us play Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Precious-metal prices Markets

The Economist - 2016-06-11

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This edition has been brought to you by Open Digital Library (http://vk.com/open_digital_library)Articles in this issue:Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Education: How to make a good teacher Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur Fund management: Slow-motion revolution Agricultural technology: Feeding the ten billion The trade in albino bones: For the colour of their skin Bacteria, Hainan, cotton industry, the Arab world, Essex, Brazil, quinoa, the far right: Letters to the editor Education reform: Teaching the teachers Hillary Clinton: Madam presumptive nominee The campaigns: Heard on the trail Republicans and welfare: Ryan’s ramble Chicago’s museum wars: Light against dark Swimming religiously: Scruples and splashes Cannabis in the capital: Federal haze Delta lives: Standin’ at the crossroads Lexington: Playground tactics Peru’s election: The fortunate president Corruption in Guatemala: Bad apples everywhere Canada’s daunting logistics: Airships in the Arctic Bello: The Mexican blues South Korea’s working women: Of careers and carers Indian diplomacy: Modi on the move Japan and money politics: Shameless shogun Afghanistan-Pakistan relations: Frontier stand-off War in Afghanistan: The general’s words Banyan: Foreign lives Wenzhou’s economy: It once was lost China-United States relations: Aerial chicken Morocco: The pluses and minuses of monarchy Public spaces in the Middle East: No bed of roses Ramadan in Saudi Arabia: Taking it to heart Trade in east Africa: Worth celebrating The killing of albinos: Murder for profit Rome elects a mayor: Five-star surprise European football championships: Paris match Poland’s anti-government rallies: From Facebook to the streets Iran’s Turkish connection: Golden squeal How men and women vote: The lefter sex Charlemagne: The politics of alienation Consequences of Brexit: Beyond the fringe Brexit brief: The charms of variable geometry Airport expansion: Up in the Eire Technology in prisons: Screens behind bars Industrial evolution: The digital economy University fundraising: Mortarboard in hand Taxes and benefits: The echo chamber Corporate governance: Shocking shopping Bagehot: The new J-curve Foreign aid: Misplaced charity Where does the aid go?: Size matters The future of agriculture: Factory fresh Smart farms: Silicon Valley meets Central Valley Agricultural biotechnology: Bugs in the system Brain scan: Caleb Harper Crops of the future: Tinker and tailor Fish farming: Catch of the day Animal husbandry: Stock answers Towards 2050: Vorsprung durch Technik The internet of things: Where the smart is The internet of things: Job opening Google’s other businesses: Alpha minus Marketing rebates: Trust me Fosun: Bloated but still bingeing Household chemicals in South Korea: The germ of an idea Airlines in South America: No El Dorado Schumpeter: Their eyes on Albion Asset management: Index we trust Buttonwood: Secret agents Banks v investors: Of snowballs and red ink Dollar imperialism: The Fed’s tributaries America’s economy: When barometers go wrong The ECB buys corporate bonds: Unyielding Free exchange: Sibyl faulty Cancer treatment: On target The international pharmaceutical market: Priced out Carbon capture and storage: Turning air into stone Fixing potholes: The hole story Human evolution: Hobbit forming Palestine: The view on the ground Literary history: Born to be Wilde Alternative medicine: Straight and crooked thinking Emil Zatopek: Feet of fire Brazil: Rich upon rich Robert Rauschenberg: Ripe for reassessment Obituary: Muhammad Ali: The greatest Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index The Economist poll of forecasters, June averages Markets


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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Illiberalism: Playing with fear Monetary policy: After lift-off Integrating refugees in Europe: More toil, less trouble Venezuela’s election: A democratic counter-revolution Randomised controlled trials: In praise of human guinea pigs On Iraq, smart products, Syria, Colombia, unicorns, Puerto Rico, George Burns: Letters to the editor African demography: The young continent American jihadists: The home-grown threat Voting and the Supreme Court: What people? Education: No Child Left Behind gets left behind Congress: Show and tell Chicago in film: Athens on the lake Foreigners: Not so fast Esoteric research: Sneaking with the fishes Lexington: The politics of panic Venezuela’s election: Reasons to celebrate Bello: Lots of diplomacy, not many dollars Argentina’s new president: A rocky road to the Casa Rosada Sunken treasure: Who wants to be a galleonaire? Corruption in Brazil: Weird justice India and Japan: ever closer friends: Come together on the Abe road Floods and India’s Coromandel coast: Next time by water Deaths at sea: The ghost vessels of North Korea Asia’s migrant domestic servants: Broken homes Taxing South Korea’s clergy: More money than God Banyan: In transit Luxury goods: Million dollar mastiffs Film and television: Blood and cuts Islamic State: Unfriended Islamic State’s finances: Degraded, not yet destroyed Yemen: Houthis, Saudis and jihadis South Africa’s debts: Sprinting towards a bail-out Congolese politics: Will Kabila go? France’s National Front: Eyes on the prize Anti-immigrant populism: The march of Europe’s little Trumps Corruption in Ukraine: Making Joe Biden mad as hell German politics: Ursula major Charlemagne: Battling with Britain Britain and the European Union: Cameron’s Brexit gamble The UK Independence Party: Unrisen fruitcakes Sterling: Continental drift Flooding: More storms, less drizzle Asylum-seekers: Turned away Green belts: A notch looser The future of broadband: Battle of the wires Extreme poverty: Leaving it behind Randomised controlled trials: Measure for measure European business and refugees: Getting the new arrivals to work Mergers and antitrust in America: Pushing the limits Alibaba’s media investments: Mission improbable Talent versus hard work: Best or Keegan? Avon’s troubles: Ding-dong Schumpeter: School for frugal innovation Interest rates in America: Buckle up Buttonwood: Taking the training wheels off The Fed and emerging markets: The secular sulk Bill Gates and the IDB: Two-pronged attack Banking in Congo: Cash in a canoe Investing in railways: On the right track The ECB’s medicine: Raising the dose Bitcoin’s schism: Stumbling blocks Slumping commodities: In a hole Free exchange: The gifts of the moguls Downsized car engines: The incredible shrinking machine Engine oil: Fast lube Camera technology: Round the bend Malnutrition: Chicken out Who makes a good father?: Pot luck Distant mountains, frozen seas: The latest pictures from Pluto Finance in films: Short and sweet Immigrant history: The rise and fall of the Jewish deli New fiction: Duty and the beast Argentine culture: Dancing in the dark Economics and legal philosophy: Corrupted bounty Women artists: No man’s land Obituary: Charles Cawley: The man from MBNA Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Asset performance Markets

The Economist

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Election 2016: The dividing of America Britain’s new prime minister: May time The South China Sea: Come back from the brink, Beijing Deutsche Bank: A floundering titan Marine management: Net positive On Zimbabwe, the Chilcot report, urban sprawl, companies, Africa, Brexit: Letters to the editor The Republican Party: Past and future Trumps Race in America: Progress and its discontents Policing and race: Quantifying Black Lives Matter Fishing: All about the bass Lexington: Homeopathy politics Tierra del Fuego: The tax haven at the end of the world Bello: Let’s sue the conquistadors Japanese politics: Diet control Japan’s Emperor Akihito: The long goodbye Australia’s election: Squeaking back in Kashmir violence: After the funeral Cambodia: Murder most murky Taiwanese identity: Hello Kitty, goodbye panda The South China Sea: Courting trouble Land ownership: Title to come Mozambique: Fishy finances Zambia: Cry press freedom Israel’s prime minister: The law looms larger Egyptian bureaucracy: A movable beast Macron and France’s presidential election: L’internationaliste Ireland’s economic statistics: Not the full shilling The EU-Canada trade deal: Fear of the maple menace Spain, Gibraltar and Brexit: Rock out Charlemagne: Single-market blues Britain’s political landscape: The irresistible rise of Theresa May The Labour Party: Twist or split The civil service: Building the Brexit team Defence: The nuclear option The economic impact of Brexit: Straws in the wind The immigration paradox: Explaining the Brexit vote Bagehot: Travels in Theresa May country Buying drugs online: Shedding light on the dark web If Donald Trump was president: The world v the Donald If the North Korean regime collapsed: Night and day If states traded territory: A country market If financial systems were hacked: Joker in the pack If China embarked on mass privatisation: The greatest sale on Earth If economists reformed themselves: A less dismal science If the ocean was transparent: The see-through sea If computers wrote laws: Decisions handed down by data If we all had personal drones: Prone to disaster What if Germany had not reunified?: A German question The future of television: Cutting the cord Video games: I mug you, Pickachu! Diagnostics: Red alert Fads in corporate architecture: Putting on the glitz Indian conglomerates: Sell me if you can Defence firms: Rocketing around the world Corporate philanthropy in China: The emperor’s gift Schumpeter: Be nice to nerds Turkey’s economy: Sugar highs Buttonwood: Slow suffocation Deutsche Bank: In a rut Prosecuting financial firms: Hongkong and Shanghaied Temporary work: How the 2% lives Payouts for whistleblowers: Whistle while you work Free exchange: Econometrics When science goes wrong (I): Computer says: oops When science goes wrong (II): Shell shock Oncology: Fast thinking Electric aircraft: Extra thrust Fishing: Unbalancing the scales America’s conservatives: Seeking a way forward J.M.W. Turner: Industrious genius South Sudan: From hope to horror The death penalty in Pakistan: Flowers from the muck Peeping Toms: Too much information Johnson: War of words Johnson: Correction: A Worcestershire lad Obituary: Michael Cimino: The price of perfection Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Food prices Markets