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New Yorker Magazine [Apr 17]

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Content from the New Yorker website 此问题的文章: #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles A Father and Son’s Final Odyssey America’s Most Political Food Vacation in Iran Trump’s Caddy Deaf and Blind Polar Expressed Briefly Noted Jeff VanderMeer Amends the Apocalypse Alice Coltrane’s Devotional Music The XX Factor “A Quiet Passion” and “The Fate of the Furious” Will Jeff Sessions Police the Police? The Victoria and Albert Gains a Pussyhat When Kids Philosophize Adventures of a Canvassing Vigilante The Economic Lessons of the Stink Highway “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on Broadway New York Celebrates a Composer Who Left Town The Tribeca Film Festival Captures American Injustice Okwui Okpokwasili Explores Politics and the Body A Lusty Love Letter to Italian Simplicity The Binc, Unfocussed in Time Damaged Villanelle Saudade


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本书讲述了一个王者的真实创业经历 东汉开国皇帝刘秀是如何从一个底层农民成为天下雄主的? 败在刘秀手下的有:起义军势力绿林军、铜马军、赤眉军、尤来军等,皇帝王莽、王朗、公孙述,割据势力隗嚣、刘永、张步等。起事后3年称帝,12年扫平天下。 他以独特的人格魅力,聚拢了以邓禹、吴汉、冯异为代表的“云台二十八将”这些非凡人才,一起打下江山。难得的是他们一直对刘秀忠心耿耿,哪怕在刘秀落魄的时候;而刘秀也与他们保持了真挚的情谊,从没想过鸟尽弓藏。 他将众多曾经的敌人变成了自己人,吸引他们前来相投。这是更为难得的事情。 他做了33年皇帝,让自己治下的百姓过得很不错。哪怕到了晚年,依旧做事清醒,仍然是个成功者。 他娶了历史上有名的美女阴丽华,与阴丽华两情相悦,始终幸福。他们的孩子是东汉第二位皇帝汉明帝,也是一位好皇帝。

The Economist [周五, 31 一月 2014]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Russia and the world: The triumph of Vladimir Putin Barack Obama’s state-of-the-union speech: Deal or no deal? Emerging markets: Don’t panic Thailand’s political crisis: A way out Tax rates in Britain: François Miliband Letters: On climate change, Turkey, housing, hospices, Asia, sex and public life, renewable energy, Spain, marijuana Putin’s Russia: Sochi or bust Barack Obama: The state of the president The Republican response: More than a mom Class in America: Mobility, measured Utah’s dirty air: In the bleak midwinter Pete Seeger: Bolshie with a banjo Pete Seeger: Old Mexico lives on The cadaver market: Death, where is thy bling? Lexington: Heads and hearts Venezuela and Argentina: The party is over Bello: Relearning old lessons Canada’s Liberal senators: Kicked out Chile, Peru and the ICJ: A line in the sea Afghanistan’s uncertain future: Playing with fire Thailand’s political crisis: The show staggers on Japanese politics: The odd couple A peace agreement in Mindanao: A fragile peace Australia and asylum-seekers: Go north, young man Nauru: Aussies out! Western Australia: The Devil in the deep blue sea Banyan: Snarling, not pouncing The cost of medicine: Physician, heal thyself Environment: Browner, but greener Not thanking the motherland: Free spirit South Africa: Jacob Zuma and his ailing alliance Saudi Arabia: No satisfaction Sudan: Downhill Sudan's borderlands: Restless Yemen and al-Qaeda: An island prison? Israeli politics: Waiting on the right wing Ukraine’s protests: Praying for peace Hungary and the Holocaust: Statue of limitations Turkey: Madness on the Bosphorus The German mentality: Hail, the Swabian housewife Paris’s mayor: An all-female race Charlemagne: The euro’s hellhound Charlemagne: Correction: Milagros Morago Scottish independence: Ayes to the left Politics: The Mili-plan Interest rates: Fear of heights Religion in Northern Ireland: Staging the scriptures Law and order: What do the police do all day? Self-storage: The final frontier Politics of conservation: Damp rising Renewable energy: Little wonders Bagehot: Parliamentary jousting Teaching mathematics: Time for a ceasefire Measuring health care: Need to know Braille: Joining the dots Walmart: Less amazing than Amazon Turkish conglomerates: Too big to fail, but in a good way European chemicals: Fixing a flat M-health: Health and appiness Machine learning: Don’t be evil, genius Schumpeter: We want to be your friend Emerging markets: Locus of extremity Buttonwood: The coin has two faces ICBC and Standard Bank: Limited partnership Shadow banking in China: Credit paroled Bitcoin: Bitten Safeguarding European banks: Volcker plus Microfinance: Poor service The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Caveat vendor Free exchange: The price of getting back to work Human evolution: Kissing cousins Melting ice shelves: Filmy firn Preventing anaphylaxis: Not a nutty idea Moths and sloths: Slow food movement Creativity and cheating: Mwahahaha… The search for neutrinos: Digging deep New American fiction: From near and far Social mobility: Have and have not A South African childhood: Call of the wild Russia and America: Testy relations New cinema: The weird world of Lars von Trier Claudio Abbado Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Global smartphone shipments Markets

The Economist (20161119)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Trump’s world: The new nationalism Obamacare: And a pony for everyone The French presidential election: Europe’s biggest populist danger Pacific trade: Try, Persist, Persevere! Tata Group: Ratantrum On the American election: Letters to the editor Who is Chinese?: The upper Han The Trump administration: The tower of silence The Affordable Care Act: Obamasnare Donald Trump and the Supreme Court: Listing right Voter registration: Oregon lets it ride Capital punishment: Death has less dominion Conflicts of interest: Dynasty The presidential election: Illness as indicator Lexington: Democrats on the brink Latin America and China: A golden opportunity Haiti after the hurricane: Weaker than the storm Bello: If at first you don’t succeed... The collapse of TPP: Trading down South Korean politics: The i-word Indonesian politics: Tolerance on trial Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal: Nothing to see here Islamic State in Pakistan: Lethal partners Australia and asylum-seekers: The American solution China and American democracy: Weighing up Telangpu Hong Kong’s legislature: Nipped in the bud Communists: Pride in the party Banyan: A China-America romance? The nuclear deal with Iran: On borrowed time Iran: Theocratic troubles Syria: The next push Ghana: Nkrumah’s heirs Corruption in Sierra Leone: Call it in France’s Republican primary: The veterans The Balkans: Clinton-lands Russian intrigues: Arresting developments Procurement spending: Rigging the bids Charlemagne: Iron waffler Online shopping and business: All that is solid melts into air Brexit and public opinion: Fifty-fifty nation Prosecuting sex offences: The hardest cases Medical records: Patient revolution Animal rights: Hunted down Britain’s young: Generation Screwed or Generation Snowflake? Bagehot: The fourth pillar sways Global politics: League of nationalists Tata Group: Clash of the Tatas Donald Trump and American energy: Polluting the outlook Mining: Vein hope Samsung buys Harman: Amp my ride Corporate Italy: Seize the day Consumer goods: Pot of gold Schumpeter: Uncertain business Emerging markets: Reversal of fortune Buttonwood: Save yourself Iceland’s post-crisis economy: It’s not up to you Agricultural Bank of China: Sanctions with Chinese characteristics Banks and “too big to fail”: Kash call China’s corporate debt: State of grace Credit in China: Just spend Free exchange: That Eighties show Additive manufacturing: Magnetic moments Oceans in space: Not so lonely sea in the sky Malaria: The biter bit Censusing fisheries: Where’s the catch? Globalisation: The third wave Somalia: Hope among the horror Campaign strategists: The art of political war New fiction: Rhythm of life Physics: Empty space, the final frontier Classical music: West meets East Leonard Cohen: Raising the song Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Access to electricity Markets

The Economist (20161105)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business KAL's cartoon The presidential election: America’s best hope Water: The dry facts Lebanon: Time to talk Taif Taxation in India: Take it easy Britain’s House of Lords: Time to ennoble Nigel Jordan, democracy, Brexit, depression, infrastructure, Spain, private equity, Van Cliburn, Elon Musk: Letters to the editor Water scarcity: Liquidity crisis The battleground: Countdown White voters: What’s going on The campaigns: On the trail The African-American vote: Early, but less often Election brief: Foreign policy: World-shaking Lexington: Donald Trump, vigilante Dams in the Amazon: Not in my valley Rio de Janeiro: A Pentecostal’s progress Violence against women: Murder and machismo Bello: What is to be done in Venezuela? South Korean politics: No confidantes Australia and asylum-seekers: Bashing the boat people Sex education in Japan: Tiptoeing around The South China Sea: Duterte waters Politics in Tamil Nadu: Suspended animation Politics in Hong Kong: China’s wrath Politics: Esprit de core Fakes: Seeing red Banyan: Sun-worshippers Lebanon: Census and sensibility Saudi Arabia’s reforms: Building on sand Cronyism in South Africa: Friends with benefits Boko Haram: Rounding up the survivors Censorship in Kenya: X-rated everything The battle for Russia’s history: Remember, remember Putinism’s icons: A tale of two Vladimirs France’s president self-destructs: Into the abyss More arrests in Turkey: Goodbye, “Republic” The German elections in 2017: Best frenemies Charlemagne: For our freedom and yours The Chinese in Britain: Raise the red lantern Life sciences: Life after Brexit Cyber-security: Britain flexes its cyber-muscles The Article 50 case: Taking back control Heroin addiction: Fixing problems The intern economy: The road from serfdom Manufacturing fetishism: A false idol Online governance: Lost in the splinternet Tech firms’ pay wars: Money honeys Startups: Silicon Beach Japanese entrepreneurs: Slow to startup Chinese aerospace: We are sorry to announce Online advertising: Keeping watch Niche smartphones: A sea of black mirrors Schumpeter: Political business Shale oil: Permian hyperbole Buttonwood: A turning-point? China’s industrial policy: Plan v market America’s foreign debts: Net debt, big returns Brexit and venture capital: Turning off the tap Taxation in India: Lost in transition Aid in kind: Free two shoes Refugees in Sweden: Seeking asylum—and jobs Free exchange: Apps and downsides Military supply lines: Having no truck with it How to store electricity underwater: Depths of imagination Scrutinising science: The watchers on the Web Tracking down missing clinical trials: Tested, and found wanting Oenology: The war on terroir Cancer treatment: Missile tracking Contemporary America: Death by the barrelful Fiction from Israel: To laugh, to weep Football writing: A game of two halves Philip Roth: America across the river Christianity and history: The search goes on Maps: X marks the spot Valerie Hunter Gordon and Junko Tabei: Climb every mountain Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Pension funds Markets

The Economist (20161029)

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Canada’s example to the world: Liberty moves north The Bank of England: Hands off The International Criminal Court: Back it, join it Business in America: Vertical limit Investment banks: Too squid to fail On globalisation, Thailand, new drugs, Bill Clinton, tourism: Letters to the editor Canada: The last liberals Trump and Putin: My brilliant friend From DC with love: Naming without shaming The Affordable Care Act: Crunch time The campaigns: On the trail The presidential election: Making a U-tahn Election brief: Education: Little changes Lexington: Meet Kamala Harris Venezuela: Fighting their chains Brazilian sport: Something new to cheer Nicaragua: Fourth time unlucky Bello: Ciudad Juárez trembles again India’s Muslims: An uncertain community Bailing out Mongolia: A wrong direction in the steppe Influence-peddling in South Korea: Gift horse Politics in the Maldives: Sibling rivalry Pakistan’s business climate: If you want it done right Banyan: A shrimp among whales History: Nihil sine Xi Parking: The other car problem Off-grid solar power: Africa unplugged The International Criminal Court: Exit South Africa African economies: The oil effect Iraq: Tightening the noose Turkey’s intervention in Syria and Iraq: Erdogan’s war game Medical marijuana in Israel: Light-up nation Islamic State’s loss of Dabiq: Apocalypse postponed Migration in France: The end of an ugly affair Inequality and education: Germany’s Sandernistas Regional inequality: A tale of more than two cities Spanish politics: Back again Energy efficiency: Populism tastes best hot The impact of Brexit: Britain shoots Ireland, too Charlemagne: The age of vetocracy Brexit and the City: From Big Bang to Brexit Child refugees: Gnashing of teeth The post-Brexit economy: Measuring the fallout Industry in the north-east: Parked Managing globalisation: To the losers, the scraps The Liberal Democrats: Cleared for take-off Technical education: The new three Rs Drugs policy: Qat flap Bagehot: How to be a good bastard Bagehot: Journalist wanted Early childhood development: Give me a child AT and Time Warner: Angling for the future of TV Big tobacco: All fired up Tata Group: Mistry exit Companies’ dark pasts: Ghosts in the machine Brazilian business: Out of the gloom The sharing economy: Deflating Airbnb Schumpeter: Jail bait Investment banking: Rebooting Buttonwood: No Trumps! Digital money: Known unknown Asian deflation: Steel trap China’s growth: The greatest moderation Clean energy v coal: Fighting the carbs Free exchange: Passing the buck Bathymetry: In an octopus’s garden The world’s weirdest place?: Topsy turvy Cyber-security: Crash testing Schiaparelli’s end: Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture Dealing with autism: First, treat the parents Shark behaviour: Waste not, want not Eleanor Roosevelt: Ahead of her time Europe’s single currency: France v Germany American fiction: Dope and the doppelganger Modernist art from Mexico: Evolutionary tales Johnson: Lexicography unbound Andrzej Wajda: Obituary: Conscience-keeper Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Doing business Markets

The Economist [Thu, 06 Oct 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Britain and Europe: The road to Brexit Latin America: Saving Colombia’s peace The crisis of the Arab world: From Aleppo to Mosul Europe’s banks: The chronic continent America’s economy: A thoughtful to-do list On companies, political parties, fiscal policy, geology, lords, happiness: Letters to the editor Barack Obama: The way ahead Third-party candidates: Mr Johnson and Dr Stein The campaigns: Heard on the trail Donald Trump’s finances: Taxing patience Battleground states: Carolina crossfire Slavery on film: Blood on the leaves Election brief: student loans: More present than correct Lexington: Mainstream opposites Colombia’s peace process: What now? Hurricane Matthew: Hammering Haiti Brazil’s local elections: Mayor none-of-the-above Bello: The once and future bully The war in Afghanistan: Help needed India and Pakistan: Reversing roles Tax policies: Amnesties international Gay marriage in Australia: Waiting for a vote Banyan: Evil genius The Hui: China’s other Muslims Halal food: Keeping pure and true The war against Islamic State: The battle for Mosul Iraq’s Sunni minority: The day after Zanzibar: Trouble in paradise Nigeria’s self-publishers: Fifty Shades, Sahel-style Italy’s referendum: A great big reform package Spain’s Socialists: The battle for a party’s soul German conservatives: Politisch inkorrekt Russia v America: Going nuclear Jean-Marie Le Pen: Un prophète Charlemagne: The wizard of Budapest The Tories and Brexit: Mind your step The Conservatives and business: Not business as usual The UK Independence Party’s leader: Exit stage right Rethinking the public finances: Plan B Britain’s top cop quits: Plodding off Bagehot: May’s revolutionary conservatism Finance for the poor: Your inflexible friend Microfinance by phone: Cash call The global casino business: Putting it all on grey Airbus: In formation Online surveillance: They’re watching Yahoo Corporate campaigning: Techno parties Discount retailing: A yen for cheapness The music business: Change of tune Management horizons: Quick and dirty Martial arts in Asia: Bloodsport, hold the blood Schumpeter: Peacocks of the sea Banking in Europe: Autumn blues European banking jobs: Career breaks The yuan in the SDR: From base to gold Buttonwood: An emerging threat The Green Climate Fund: The green light GE quits financial services: Capital punishment Asset management: Active defence Free exchange: How the other tenth lives The 2016 Nobel science prizes: Seven tickets to Stockholm Senescience: Greying Medical linguistics: Sounds like trouble Botany: Summoned by screams Cyber-security: The internet of stings The Russian revolution: Missed connection Authorial anonymity: Unmasked? Friendship and competition: Creative tensions Messiness: Autopilot is the enemy Semyon Bychkov: From refugee to maestro Johnson: Weapons of crass construction Obituary: Arnold Palmer: King of the green Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index The Economist poll of forecasters, October averages Markets

The Economist [Thu, 22 Sep 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon The global economy: The low-rate world European defence: Potemkin Euro-armies America’s presidential election: Indecision time Religion and state in Malaysia: Adulterers beware Internet governance: The road to surfdom? On Uber, Melungeons, Davos, post-truth politics: Letters to the editor The fall in interest rates: Low pressure Pensions: Fade to grey The campaign: President Trump? Bombs in New York: Sangfroid city The campaigns: Heard on the trail Cyber-spying: Bear on bear Safe passage: Chicago schools Campus sexual assault: Re-education Election brief: Fiscal policy: Money’s the conversation Lexington: Millennial falcon Paraguay: Polka lessons Declassifying documents: Sunlight diplomacy Bello: Of growth and globalisation India’s armed forces: Guns and ghee Driving in Vietnam: Four wheels good, two wheels better The Japanese addiction to tuna: Breeding bluefin A trans-Pacific obsession: Bottling hipness Religious freedom in Malaysia: Taking the rap Banyan: A ham-fisted hegemon Nuclear power: A glowing future Social mores: Shacking up Syria’s widening war: The ceasefire unravels Saudi Arabia: The real game of thrones Free speech in Palestine: Gagged in Gaza Uganda’s Jobless Brotherhood: Snouts in the trough Johannesburg’s new mayor: Capitalist crusader Nigeria’s war against indiscipline: Behave or be whipped European defence: The fog of politics Russian politics: The hollow election Criminal justice: Think before you clink Drug wars: Hash and burn Architecture in Sweden: Nobel, unprized The politics of haute coiffure: Scissor and tongs Charlemagne: The parable of Ticino Prisons: Jails break Chinese investment in Britain: Hinkley hangover? Housing in British cities: Little Londons UK Independence Party: What now? Higher education: Universities Inc. Professional services and Brexit: A lob and a smash Live-streaming funerals: Online send-off Bagehot: Not drowning but waving The Montreal protocol: To coldly go Tata Group: Mistry’s elephant Autonomous vehicles: Who’s self-driving your car? Autonomous car insurance: Look, no claims! A Chinese steel merger: Welding bells Stock splits: Split ends Berlin’s tech scene: The freaks are coming Schumpeter: Against happiness Norway’s global fund: How to not spend it Buttonwood: Take cover Asian markets: Chinese sneezes Wall Street: Waking up Deutsche Bank: Won’t pay! Can’t pay? Free exchange: The emperor’s new paunch Why bad science persists: Incentive malus Wireless communication: In a whole new light Computerising archaeology: Burnt offering Vaccine manufacture: Rehydration therapy Resistance to antibiotics: The other global drugs problem Data security: That’s the way to do it American art: Rediscovery Contemporary art: Join the queue Shirley Jackson: Ghost stories The Pentagon: The space between Johnson: Hidden in plain sight Obituary: Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor: Sizzling Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index On and offline Markets Interactive indicators

The Economist [Thu, 15 Sep 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon The superstar company: A giant problem British politics: Britain’s one-party state Syria’s ceasefire: A risky bargain Extinctions to order: Gene-ocide The World Bank: Lucky Jim On the burkini, Citadel, Colombia, game theory, demography, Milton Friedman, Star Trek: Letters to the editor The Labour Party: Salvaging Jerusalem Trump and the Alt-Right: Pepe and the stormtroopers The campaigns: Heard on the trail Presidential health: Hillary-care Income and poverty: Great again? Playing at policing: Power of the county Election brief: The Supreme Court: About to tilt Lexington: Who’s deplorable? Lexington: Survey A Brazilian politician’s fate: An end to power-broking Canada and peacekeeping: Helmets back on Argentina’s crime capital: A lethal location Bello: From comrade to caudillo The Philippines under Rodrigo Duterte: Sceptred bile North Korea’s nuclear programme: Bangs and bucks Mahathir Mohamad: Can a leopard change its spots? Water in India: A kink in the hose Banyan: Knife-edge lives Tibet: The plateau, unpacified African cities: Left behind Industry in Africa: In or out? Health care in Rwanda: An African trailblazer Egypt’s Nubians: Let them go home Divorce in Iraq: Breaking up in Baghdad Jihadism in French prisons: Caged fervour Russia’s elections: Duma-day machine Post-communist chic: You must remember this Serbia’s prime minister: The changeling Germans against trade: Fortress mentality Charlemagne: State of disunion Economic geography: How the other three-quarters live Schools and social mobility: A new syllabus Slimming the House of Commons: Boundary dispute National museums: Existential rethink Brexit and trade: Not so simple Food and the law: Full English Brexit Drug overdoses: Shooting up Drug overdoses: Survey Al-Qaeda: The other jihadist state Companies: The rise of the superstars A history lesson: What goes around Driving forces: Why giants thrive Misconceptions: The new Methuselahs Key attributes: The alphabet of success Joining the ranks: Do you blitzscale? Downsides: The dark arts Future policy: A delicate balance A tech icon’s future: Twitter in retweet Online media: Three-hit wonder Europe’s digital single market: Incumbents rule Retailing: Long journey Multinationals in Venezuela: Stay or go The drug industry: Growing pains Autonomous cars: Pitt stop BASF: Chemical reaction Schumpeter: Risky business Chinese investment: A sponge wrung dry Buttonwood: Trust busting Wages in Japan: Behind a pay wall American property: The REIT stuff Global inequality: Shooting an elephant Hank Greenberg: Final claims Misbehaving bankers (1): Accounts receivable Misbehaving bankers (2): Accounts payable Free exchange: Stealth socialism The Zika virus: A mystery no more Precision agriculture: TV dinners Similarities in language: You say potato... Medical treatment: Feed a virus, starve a bacterium Aviation safety: Flight response Medieval manuscripts: Patricians of parchment Russia today: Cluster bomb Practical ethics: How to live well Mankind tomorrow: Future shock Ebola: Best practice New film: Man of the moment New film: Correction: Water, water, everywhere Obituary: Phyllis Schlafly: “Ms” for “misery” Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index World GDP Markets

The Economist [Fri, 09 Sep 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Post-truth politics: Art of the lie Elections in Hong Kong: A not-so-local difficulty England’s National Health Service: Bitter pills Economic reform in the Gulf: Time to sheikh it up Interest-rate caps: Cut-price logic On housing, wild horses, Scotland, child sex abuse, longevity: Letters to the editor The post-truth world: Yes, I’d lie to you The Affordable Care Act: Encumbered exchange The election campaign: On the trail National security and 2016: Sewers to submarines Georgetown and slavery: Atonement Lexington: Land made for you and me A Mexican minister falls: The cost of an unwanted guest Avocado wars: Rich, creamy and rare Venezuela’s hapless leader: Chávez without the charm Bello: The impeachment country Afghan refugees in Pakistan: Homecoming spleen Ending Myanmar’s insurgencies: A long road Japanese politics: Get the party started The wit and wisdom of Rodrigo Duterte: Shoot from the lip Australia and China: You can’t buy trust Politics in Hong Kong: The city that scares China Giant pandas: Survival of the cutest Banyan: Abide with Mao Labour laws in the Gulf: From oil to toil Migration in the Gulf: Open doors but different laws Extremism in Jordan: Muzzling mosques Driving in Johannesburg: Bad robots Somalia: Most-failed state Turkey’s Gulen purges: A conspiracy so immense Spain’s coalition talks: Ageing caretakers Ireland and Europe: Upsetting the Apple cart Homeopathy in Germany: Not a molecule of sense Donald Trump and the Russians: Brazen meddling Russian social media: Tweetaganda Charlemagne: Unshrinking the continent Britain and the European Union: So what will Brexit really mean? The National Health Service: Accident and emergency Dockyards: Sea change Chinese schools: Babes among dragons Cricket’s crunch: Sticky wicket Hate crime: Bearing the brunt Race relations: Slavery’s legacies A.P. Moller-Maersk: Profits overboard Auditors aren’t so bad: Box ticked Reliance Jio: Free speech Smartphones: Still ringing bells Fashion retailing: Passé The space business: Mission, interrupted German firms in America: Making eyes across the ocean German power companies: Breaking bad Schumpeter: Shhhh! Investing in commodities: Of mice and markets Buttonwood: Acclimatising The G20 and the world economy: Agreeing to disagree Kenya’s interest-rate cap: Ceiling whacks Offshore finance: The holdout Long-term private-equity funds: The Omaha play Financial education: Quantum of scholars Free exchange: All in the family Building materials: Top of the tree The story of yeast: Domesticated tipple Military technology: Top Gun’s topper China: Water, water, everywhere The right in America: Hand on heart Biography: Shades of Byzantium The Venice film festival: Showtime Johnson: Talking in tongues Obituary: Juan Gabriel: Mexico’s mirror Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index The Economist poll of forecasters, September averages Markets

The Economist [Thu, 25 Aug 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Space exploration: Brave new worlds Colombia and the FARC: Ending a half-century of war Monetary policy: When 2% is not enough Turkey and the West: Don’t lose the plot The desire for children: Wanted On Taiwan, obesity, Labour, China, Alaska, Ultimate Frisbee, economics, jazz: Letters to the Editor Demography and desire: The empty crib In vitro fertilisation: An arm and a leg for a fertilised egg Immigration economics: Wage war Alaskan agriculture: Growing farmers An American mystery: Down in the valley, up on the ridge Lexington: Clinton Republicans Colombia’s peace accord: Unlearning war Chile’s pensions: The perils of not saving Kashmir: Vale of tears Communists in the Philippines: Rebels in their dotage Karachi: Slammer dunk Leafy Singapore…: Move over, Merlion …and sooty South Korea: Bad air days Learning English in Japan: Talk like a gaijin Sexual abuse of children: A horror confronted Banyan: A spot of localist bother The war in Syria: Smoke and chaos The Brotherhood returns: The ballot and the Book Religion in Zimbabwe: Tithing troubles The Central African Republic: Nostalgia for a nightmare Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The richest, riskiest tin mine on Earth Turkey’s anger at the West: Al-Malarkey Sarkozy returns: The revenant Croatian stagnation: Pining for the partisans An earthquake in Italy: Beauty and tragedy War and peace in Ukraine: Fighting for position Scottish education: Not so bonny Brexit and immigration: Raising the drawbridge Olympic success: The brass behind the gold Football iconography: Put out more flags Television subtitles: Read my lips Political comedy: Laugh or cry? Bagehot: The 2016 vintage School reform: After freedom, what? Remaking the sky: A sudden light Satellites: The small and the many Earth observation: Anywhere and everywhere Launchers: Getting a lift The role of robots: Construction and destruction Human space flight: The orphans of Apollo Brain scan: Space chips Linux and AWS: Cloud chronicles Viacom: In the name of the father Cement manufacturers: Cracks in the surface Football: Winging it Direct selling in China: Rebirth of a sales firm Schumpeter: Mafia management Central banking: The Jackson four India’s central bank: Reserve player American business investment: Econundrum Drought insurance in Africa: ARC’s covenant Rising LIBOR: SECular shift Hedge funds: Law of averages Free exchange: Believing is seeing The Mundell-Fleming trilemma: Two out of three ain’t bad Hunting for aliens: Proximate goals How to find exoplanets: Round and round the mulberry bush Oceanography: Deep waters Keeping ships clean: Foul play Medical batteries: Dark arts Karl Marx: False consciousness Congo’s uranium: Rich pickings Public transport in London: More than just getting from A to B New fiction: Out of Africa Hollywood and the Middle East: War games Johnson: Rue the rules Donald Henderson: Man versus virus Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Youth unemployment Markets

The Economist [Thu, 18 Aug 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Housing in America: Nightmare on Main Street Political reform stalls: Africa’s fragile democracies Data analytics: The power of learning Welfare reform: A patchy record at 20 Chinese politics: Beach rules On Egypt, Brazil, sustainability, methane, Canada, politics: Letters to the editor Housing in America: Comradely capitalism Poverty in America: No money no love The campaigns: Fantastic people Entrepreneurial transit: George Washington’s bus Music and violence: Something in his whiskey Nashville: Hot sauce Putrid Pennsylvania: Kaned Flood and fire: From LA to CA Lexington: Normalising narcissism Brazil’s economy: The only way is up Gay rights (1): Open city Gay rights (2): Belize blazes a trail Immigration to Japan: A narrow passage Japanese citizenship: Inspectors knock Protecting India’s cows: Cowboys and Indians The Ismailis of Tajikistan: A hopeful Aga saga Australia and New Zealand: Transported Banyan: Full steam Politics: Xi’s day at the beach History: The return of the Xia African democracy: The march of democracy slows Israel and Gaza: Alms for the enemy Christians in the Arab world (1): Crimes and no punishment Christians in the Arab world (2): Under the gun Putin’s personnel moves: Dancing in the dark Germany’s new security measures: Integration panic Match-fixing in Italy: You betcha Turkish anger at the West: Duplicity coup The hunt for Gulenists: Extradition quest Counter-terrorism: Driving away the shadows The Brexit trigger: To pull or not to pull Ticket touts: A muggle’s game Tax avoidance: You feeling lucky? Lorry drivers: Keep off truckin’ Bagehot: Paddy Ashdown’s grand design Islamic education in Europe: Faith of our fathers Online Islamic education: World-wide mullahs The future of television: Streaming on screens near you Workplace woes: The bane of brilliance Terror and tourism in France: Not all shows must go on Measuring companies: The watchers Industrial gases: Something’s in the air Self-driving lorries: A long haul Schumpeter: Family values Machine learning: Of prediction and policy Buttonwood: To have and to hold Morgan Stanley: Poacher to prey Italian distressed debt: Bargain hunt China’s budget deficit: Augmented reality Free exchange: Medalling prosperity Game theory: Prison breakthrough Aviation and robots: Flight fantastic Weed control: Now try this Reversing deafness: Gone today, hair tomorrow Crime prevention: Cutpurse capers Microbes and humans: With a little help from my friends Russian history: Prison without a roof Annals of brain science: No more memories A history of skyscrapers: The up and up Europe’s single currency: On course to fail “The Get Down”: All beat, no heart Ernst Neizvestny: The unknown warrior Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Corporate profits Markets

The Economist [Thu, 11 Aug 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Ageing: Cheating death War against crime in the Philippines: A harvest of lead Trump’s plan for the economy: Scrimping on sense South Africa: Time to govern Preventing child-abuse: First, save the children On Britain, globalisation, Hinkley Point, laws, landmines, Donald Trump, Brexit: Letters to the editor Longevity: Adding ages Hillary Clinton: Inevitable once more Purchasing power: More bang for your buck Merit scholarships: TOPSy-turvy Dietary inequality: Bitter fruits America’s foreign bases: Go home, Yankee Lexington: Dollars in the wind Argentina’s economy: It’s cold outside Rio’s Olympics: More with less Canada’s Senate and Supreme Court: Look to the rainbow Philippine politics: From plan to execution Thai politics: How not to solve a crisis Kashmir: Reviving the cause Gay rights in Indonesia: Under pressure Women’s education in Afghanistan: Liberation through segregation The judicial system: Suppress and support Youthful nationalists: The East is pink New rivalries on a contested continent: Asia’s scramble for Africa Ethiopia’s football follies: Full time? Zambia’s elections: A test case for democracy Iraq’s Yazidis: Freedom on hold Libya and the West: Piling in Migration within the EU: Europe’s scapegoat The time in Spain: Out of sync with the sun... Tensions in Crimea: The cruellest month Renewable energy: It’s not easy being green Charlemagne: Small but not too beautiful The Labour Party: The metamorphosis Schools: Grammatical error Football geography: A country of two halves The “term funding scheme”: When cuts are not enough Fatter people: Counting calories Thinner pets: Subwoofers Bagehot: This sceptic isle Paedophilia: Shedding light on the dark field The other side of Warren Buffett: Don’t Buff it up Airlines and technology: All systems stop PSA Group: Peugeot rallies Walmart buys Boxed-in unicorn The Berlusconis’ shrinking empire: Things fall apart Live-streaming: Amateur’s hour The tourism industry: Nothing to see here Schumpeter: Revenge of the nerds Europe’s disappearing cash: Emptying the tills Buttonwood: Back in fashion Pensions: No love, actuary The leisure economy: Surfing to success Recruitment and inequality: Pandora’s box Financial crime: The final bill Free exchange: The problematic proposal Fiscal multipliers: Where does the buck stop? Hybrid cars: At last, the 48 show Anthropology: No hard feelings Graphene-based electronics: Bugs in the system American memoirs: Promises, promises America in the 1970s: That’s rich New fiction: Irish charm World music: Humanity’s heartbeat Johnson: Would that it were so simple Obituary: Qusai Abtini: From child to man Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Holiday blues Markets

The Economist [Thu, 04 Aug 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Technology in China: China’s tech trailblazers After the Arab spring: The ruining of Egypt Energy policy: Hinkley Pointless Vietnam’s economy: The other Asian tiger International adoption: Babies without borders On Thailand, Stuttgart, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, human rights, China, the sea: Letters to the editor Arab youth: Look forward in anger The presidential race: Trump in the dumps Partisan politics: In plain words Voting restrictions: Back in the booth Convention bounces: Up, then down Wilderness living: The last big frontier The NYPD: Goodbye to Bratton Lexington: Gridlock Central Venezuela: Army rations The Petrobras scandal: Defendant-in-chief Cannabis in Colombia: Weeds of peace Myanmar’s economy: Miles to go Sri Lanka’s missing people: Refusing to give up hope India’s economy: One nation, one tax Canine couture in Taiwan: Furry fashionable Japan and the last commute: Peak death Japan and the last commute: Award The Cultural Revolution: Unlikely hero Tibetan culture: And the policemen danced Egypt’s economy: State of denial The war in Syria: Kerry talks while Aleppo burns The roasting of the Middle East: Infertile Crescent South Africa: The Zuma effect Gabon: Trying to get past oil Media freedom in Turkey: Sultanic verses Turks in Germany: Old faultlines Land transfers: Peak diplomacy Anti-Mafia: Dead dogs and dirty tricks Britain and Europe: The start of the break-up Charlemagne: Au revoir, l’Europe Charlemagne: Award Nuclear power: When the facts change... Chinese investment: Not so gung-ho The Bank of England: Treating the hangover The UK Independence Party: Kippers flounder Archaeology: The last crusade Bagehot: The sage of Birmingham International adoption: Home alone Ride-hailing in China: Uber gives app China’s mobile internet: WeChat’s world Tobacco regulation: No logo Bosses’ salaries in Japan: Pay check The chocolate industry: Cocoa nuts Schumpeter: Look before you leap Asia’s next tiger: Good afternoon, Vietnam Buttonwood: The second big shift European banks: Still stressed out Property taxes: Home bias Japan’s economy: Levitation speed Free exchange: The desperation of independents Tariffs and wages: An inconvenient iota of truth Anti-submarine warfare: Seek, but shall ye find? Lithium-air batteries: Their time has come Artificial neurons: You’ve got a nerve The right to die: What is unbearable? Fiction: Life and afterlife Elite black America: A world apart Geopolitics: East, West home is best European arts: Two men of one mind Paths well travelled: Trails and error Classical music: He’s the piano man Obituary: Luc Hoffmann: For birds and for wilderness Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index The Economist poll of forecasters, August averages Markets

The Economist [Thu, 28 Jul 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics Business KAL's cartoon Globalisation and politics: The new political divide Abenomics: Overhyped, underappreciated Russian dirty tricks: Doping and hacking The parable of Yahoo: From dotcom hero to zero Air pollution: Cleaning up the data On Republicans, Pokémon, blood-testing, Brazil, John Cleese, Italian banks: Letters to the editor Globalisation and politics: Drawbridges up The Democratic convention: Bridging the torrent On the trail: Philly special Putin, Trump and the DNC: Signal and noise The PGA championship: Who’ll win? Southern living: From crop to pop Political parties: Defining realignment Lexington: Able Kaine Brazil’s Olympics: Not yet medal contenders Bello: Cash in bin liners, please Defending South Korea: Of missiles and melons Politics in Indonesia: Look who’s back Murder in Japan: Still safe Terror in Afghanistan: Unwelcome guests Young aborigines: Australia’s Abu Ghraib Politics in Taiwan: A series of unfortunate events Flood control: Disgorging Jiang Zemin: Jiang of Jiang Hall Online media: Stop the virtual presses Zimbabwe’s president: Comrade Bob besieged South Africa’s local elections: Young rivals Nigeria’s struggling states: Running out of road The Arab League: A new low The Saudi bombardment of Yemen: Worse than the Russians Water in the West Bank: Nor yet a drop to drink France’s response to terrorism: Loss of faith How Germans handle terror: Pure reason A shock for NATO: Defend me maybe Catholic youth in Poland: Cross purposes Charlemagne: Correspondence club The impact of free trade: Collateral damage Northern Ireland after Brexit: Frontier spirit Women in politics: The struggle continues Commuter hell: Going south Brexit and public services: Somebody call a doctor Drug-testing at music festivals: Cocaine or concrete? Bagehot: Rage against the dying of the light Pope Francis: Hearts, minds and souls Verizon buys Yahoo: Does it ad up? Rare diseases: Fixing fate Corporate governance: Change, or else Telecoms: Hans free Electric cars in China: Charging ahead Companies’ green strategies: In the thicket of it Schumpeter: Not-so-clever contracts Japan’s economy: Three-piece dream suit Buttonwood: Putting it all on red The Federal Reserve: Staying its hand Road taxes in Europe: Not easy being green Private share sales: Trading places Free exchange: A hire power Financial stability: Minsky’s moment Printed electronics: On a roll Air pollution: Breathtaking The ancient atmosphere: Time capsules American foreign policy: Playing it long The Olympic games: Fanfare American fiction: Mean girls Jazz in the 21st century: Playing outside the box Johnson: Liberal blues Obituary: Geoffrey Hill: The discomfort of words Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Merchandise trade Markets

The Economist [Thu, 21 Jul 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon The failed coup in Turkey: Erdogan’s revenge Britain’s “industrial strategy”: Open for business? The politics of Thailand: The generals who hide behind the throne Methane leaks: Tunnel vision Big economic ideas: Breakthroughs and brickbats On Kurdistan, immigration, executive pay, the passive voice, China: Letters to the editor Turmoil in Turkey: After the coup, the counter-coup Turkey and the world: Running out of friends The Republican convention: Donning the mantle On the trail: Cleveland special Paul Ryan’s agenda: Better than what? Roger Ailes: Kingmaker no more Policing after Baton Rouge: Ambushed and anguished Michael Elliott: The Fab One Immigration economics: Wages of Mariel Lexington: At his majesty’s pleasure Canada’s internal trade: The great provincial obstacle course Cuba’s economy: Caribbean contagion El Salvador: Reconsidering the price of peace Bello: Lessons from a liberal swashbuckler Politics in Thailand: Twilight of the king Crimes against women: Can the licence to kill be revoked? Dissent in Laos: Radio silence South Korea’s DIYers: Bangsta style Hong Kong police: The force is with who? The South China Sea: My nationalism, and don’t you forget it Israel and the Arab world: The enemy of my enemies Syrian refugees in Jordan: From haven to hell Lebanese cronyism: Hire power City slickers on the farm: Africa’s real land grab Smoking: Plains packaging Nigeria’s currency: If you love it... Another attack in France: Madness and terror Russia’s Olympian drug habit: Tamper proof Italy’s upstart party: The Five Star question Charlemagne: Parliament plot The government’s “industrial strategy”: A change of gear Foreign takeovers: Fear and favour London buses: Parting the red sea Universities and Brexit: A first-class mess Pushy parents: How to make children do homework Labour and the north: Tyne and Weary Bagehot: In the map room with Theresa May Stress: What makes us stronger Workplace stress: Fuss and bother Methane leaks: A dirty little secret The industrial internet of things: The great convergence SoftBank and ARM: Everything under the Son Niche media: Fight club Corporate earnings: Of populism and profits Consumer products: His and hers Schumpeter: Silicon Valley 1.0 African banks: Subprime savannah Buttonwood: Vanishing workers The Big Mac index: Patty-purchasing parity Postal Savings Bank of China: A red-letter IPO The 1MDB affair: Thick and fast Free exchange: Putsch and pull Information asymmetry: Secrets and agents The 21st International AIDS Conference: Rallying the troops Data storage: Atoms and the voids Medical technology: All sewn up Chinese politics: The people's pope South-East Asian history: Striving for unity South Africa: Time of death Australian fiction: The way of the world American photography: Exposed Obituary: Johnny Barnes and Datta Phuge: Clothed with happiness Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index GDP forecasts for 2016 Markets

The Economist [Fri, 15 Jul 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Election 2016: The dividing of America Britain’s new prime minister: May time The South China Sea: Come back from the brink, Beijing Deutsche Bank: A floundering titan Marine management: Net positive On Zimbabwe, the Chilcot report, urban sprawl, companies, Africa, Brexit: Letters to the editor The Republican Party: Past and future Trumps Race in America: Progress and its discontents Policing and race: Quantifying Black Lives Matter Fishing: All about the bass Lexington: Homeopathy politics Tierra del Fuego: The tax haven at the end of the world Bello: Let’s sue the conquistadors Japanese politics: Diet control Japan’s Emperor Akihito: The long goodbye Australia’s election: Squeaking back in Kashmir violence: After the funeral Cambodia: Murder most murky Taiwanese identity: Hello Kitty, goodbye panda The South China Sea: Courting trouble Land ownership: Title to come Mozambique: Fishy finances Zambia: Cry press freedom Israel’s prime minister: The law looms larger Egyptian bureaucracy: A movable beast Macron and France’s presidential election: L’internationaliste Ireland’s economic statistics: Not the full shilling The EU-Canada trade deal: Fear of the maple menace Spain, Gibraltar and Brexit: Rock out Charlemagne: Single-market blues Britain’s political landscape: The irresistible rise of Theresa May The Labour Party: Twist or split The civil service: Building the Brexit team Defence: The nuclear option The economic impact of Brexit: Straws in the wind The immigration paradox: Explaining the Brexit vote Bagehot: Travels in Theresa May country Buying drugs online: Shedding light on the dark web If Donald Trump was president: The world v the Donald If the North Korean regime collapsed: Night and day If states traded territory: A country market If financial systems were hacked: Joker in the pack If China embarked on mass privatisation: The greatest sale on Earth If economists reformed themselves: A less dismal science If the ocean was transparent: The see-through sea If computers wrote laws: Decisions handed down by data If we all had personal drones: Prone to disaster What if Germany had not reunified?: A German question The future of television: Cutting the cord Video games: I mug you, Pickachu! Diagnostics: Red alert Fads in corporate architecture: Putting on the glitz Indian conglomerates: Sell me if you can Defence firms: Rocketing around the world Corporate philanthropy in China: The emperor’s gift Schumpeter: Be nice to nerds Turkey’s economy: Sugar highs Buttonwood: Slow suffocation Deutsche Bank: In a rut Prosecuting financial firms: Hongkong and Shanghaied Temporary work: How the 2% lives Payouts for whistleblowers: Whistle while you work Free exchange: Econometrics When science goes wrong (I): Computer says: oops When science goes wrong (II): Shell shock Oncology: Fast thinking Electric aircraft: Extra thrust Fishing: Unbalancing the scales America’s conservatives: Seeking a way forward J.M.W. Turner: Industrious genius South Sudan: From hope to horror The death penalty in Pakistan: Flowers from the muck Peeping Toms: Too much information Johnson: War of words Johnson: Correction: A Worcestershire lad Obituary: Michael Cimino: The price of perfection Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Food prices Markets

The Economist [Thu, 30 Jun 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Liberalism after Brexit: The politics of anger Brexit’s fallout: Adrift The attack on Ataturk airport: Turkey’s agony Diamonds: Shine on Cities: The right kind of sprawl On Brexit: Letters to the editor Brexit: An aggravating absence The negotiations: Article 50 ways to leave your lover The economic fallout: Managing chaos Voters in the industrial Midwest: Rustproofing The Supreme Court: Two left feats Puerto Rico: Exodus postponed Crime and punishment: Billy the kid Lexington: More than a hobby Brazilian trade: Of legumes and liberalisation Colombia’s war: Unpopular is the peacemaker Argentina: Erasing the Kirchner cult Bello: Those spendthrift Latins Central Asia: Stans undelivered China and Taiwan: Great stonewall Politics in Japan: Master plan Indonesia and the South China Sea: Annoyed in Natuna Indian social media: A pulpit for bullies Banyan: The forest and the trees Foreign policy: Our bulldozers, our rules African entrepreneurs: Opportunities galore Shopping in South Africa: Buying on credit is so nice Medical drones in Africa: Help from above Israel and Turkey: Let’s try again The economics of Ramadan: Less work and more pray... Beer in the Arab world: Of brewers and bureaucrats A terrorist attack on Istanbul’s airport: Soft target NATO’s summit: Trip-wire deterrence Spain’s election: Revolution cancelled Ireland post-Brexit: Put asunder Repression in Russia: Prelude to a purge Charlemagne: And shut the door behind you Post-Brexit politics: Shifting sands The United Kingdom: Fragmentation nation Brexit, business and the economy: Sifting through the wreckage Cornwall and Europe: I owe EU Bagehot: Brexitland versus Londonia Urban sprawl: Bourgeois shanty towns Europe v America: From clout to rout The diamond industry: In the rough Web browsers: Window dressing Terms of use: Ticking all the boxes Chinese consumers: From noodles to poodles Schumpeter: Squeezing the tube Brexit and the City of London: From folly to fragmentation Buttonwood: Awaiting the data Contrarian investing: Prophets and profiteers Reviving South Korea’s economy: Faltering flagship Tax avoidance: Grand dodgy The AIIB: The infrastructure of power Free exchange: The consensus crumbles Planetary science: By Jove! Energy storage: Sisyphus’s train set Geolocation: Addressing the world Card games and psychology: Telling it like it is An ancient wing: Palaeontology A tale of technology: Highs and lows Football: The time of their lives Musical biography: Piano man A memoir of Libya: O mio babbino caro Johnson: Passive panic Obituary: Amjad Sabri: Hate and love Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index World's biggest banks Markets

The Economist [Thu, 23 Jun 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Artificial intelligence: March of the machines Guns in America: Control, alt, delete Executive pay: Cheques need balances America and Iran: Sanctions busting The Niger Delta Avengers: Danegeld in the Delta On free speech, central banks, Israel, teaching, potholes, cheese: Letters to the editor Executive pay: Neither rigged nor fair Minimum wages: Maximin The Trump campaign: Poor Donald After Orlando: Of docs and Glocks Oakland’s police: Too many chiefs The Fourth Amendment: Amended Catholic hospitals: Gloria in expansion Suing the Church: Bully pulpit Lexington: Cory Booker North American summitry: Three amigos and two spectres Bello: Peace, at last, in Colombia Brazil’s Olympics: Calamity Janeiro Canada: Last rights Australia’s election: Shortening the odds Pakistani cinema: Lights, camera, action men Law enforcement in Indonesia: Time for Tito Addiction in India: Pushing poppies in Punjab Endangered species: No rosewood of such virtue Japanese-American relations: Rina’s legacy Propaganda: Who draws the party line? Grassroots democracy: Unwanted model Banyan: In Beijing’s bad books The nuclear deal with Iran: Teething pains or trouble ahead? Fighting in Fallujah: Down, but not yet out Bahrain’s crackdown: Brutal king, cowardly allies The dogs of Gaza: If you want a friend in this town... Kenya: Heating up Nigeria and its militants: Avengers unite! Spain reruns its election: Out, caste Russia’s Olympic ban: Doping and punishment The EU’s Russia sanctions: Small carrot, medium stick Turkey’s embattled liberals: Radiohead and Ramadan Charlemagne: Commented out Working poverty: When a job is not enough Born out of his time: Andy Murray and tennis grand slams Summer exams: Books versus football Bagehot: Whitehall, Inc. Higher education: Flying high Artificial intelligence: The return of the machinery question Technology: From not working to neural networking The impact on jobs: Automation and anxiety Education and policy: Re-educating Rita Ethics: Frankenstein’s paperclips Conclusion: Answering the machinery question Health care: All about the base Security businesses in Europe: Silver linings YouTube and copyright: Free and easy listening 3D printing: Print my ride Elon Musk’s empire: Clouds appear SoftBank: Short and sweet Telecoms: Oi boy Schumpeter: Sleepy giant India’s economy: Two stumbles forward, one back Buttonwood: The next leap Mexico’s special economic zones: How the bottom half lives IEX, unleashed: Speed bumps in the night Regulating banks: Capital hill The DAO: Theft is property German banks: Turn of the screw Free exchange: A running start Passenger drones: Those incredible flying machines Surveillance: Halting the hate Social media and sport: What the deuce, Watson? Climate research: Monsooner or later Zoology: Flight compass Wagner’s “Ring” cycle: Getting into Valhalla Transgender memoir: Daddy dearest A memoir of Australia: Ancestral voices Cricket in Pakistan: Balls of fury Reading poetry: War of words Sculpture parks in Britain: Training the eye Jo Cox: Star turn Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Foreign direct investment Markets

The Economist [Thu, 16 Jun 2016]

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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Britain’s EU referendum: Divided we fall The Orlando attack: Aftermath of a tragedy India’s central bank: A second helping of Raghu South Africa: Cracking the monolith Female genital mutilation: An agonising choice On Brexit, populism, Donald Trump, women, language: Letters to the editor Brexit: What if? In their words (I): Heard from overseas The referendum campaign: The Battle of Evermore In their words (II): Heard on the trail The Orlando shooting: Vigils and vigilantes Watergate II: The Donald’s dirty linen Computing boot-camps: Risks and rewards The manosphere: Balls to all that College towns: A roaring trade Scandinavian-Americans: Founding Vikings Lexington: How others do it Criminal justice in Mexico: Trials and errors Bello: The Venezuela test Gay rights in the Caribbean: Not everyone’s island paradise Poverty in Latin America: Don’t look down Europe: Between the borders Mass arrests in Bangladesh: Round up the usual suspects Indian elections: The wrong ink Politics in Papua New Guinea: University challenge A spending scandal in Tokyo: Another one bites the dust Australia’s election: Time of Nick Banyan: The lost continent Traffic: The great crawl Reality television: You’re stir-fried squid Reality television: Prize South Africa: In need of an opposition A virtual turf war: The scramble for .africa Nigeria floats its currency: Free at last The Muslim Brotherhood: Sibling rivalry Arabic publishing: Plus de kutub, please Drugs in Europe: Not mind-stretching enough Nadia Savchenko: The maid of Kiev Orthodox Christian summit: The autumn of the patriarchs Migrant-smuggling: Tracking traffickers The Balkans’ EU dreams: Applications deferred Charlemagne: The sleep of union Retailers in trouble: High noon on the high street Trump comes to Britain: Waiting for Donald The demise of BHS: Green sees red Bagehot: The Nigel Farage Show Female genital cutting: The unkindest cut Male circumcision: Snip snap Technology deals: LinkedUp The internet: Reweaving the web Shanghai Disneyland: Lord of the jungle The Panama Canal: Wider impact Nuclear power: Keeping on the northern lights The economics of Broadway: No business like show business Schumpeter: The imperial CFO Oil supply: Rigonomics Buttonwood: Feeling low India’s central bank: A governor with a view Investment banking: Diving into the mire International data flows: Priceless Emerging-market indices: Stocks and stones Free Exchange: A history of violence Software: Engines of creation Detecting scientific sloppiness: Come again? Presenting scientific results: Graphic details Cleaning the environment: It’s the pits The Venetian ghetto: Hidden secrets The Arab unravelling: Tales of spring and winter The boundaries of science: Circle in a circle Cambodia: Buried treasure American fiction: Axemen Johnson: Double-plus effective Obituary: Manohar Aich: Raising the temple Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index World GDP Markets