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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Illiberalism: Playing with fear Monetary policy: After lift-off Integrating refugees in Europe: More toil, less trouble Venezuela’s election: A democratic counter-revolution Randomised controlled trials: In praise of human guinea pigs On Iraq, smart products, Syria, Colombia, unicorns, Puerto Rico, George Burns: Letters to the editor African demography: The young continent American jihadists: The home-grown threat Voting and the Supreme Court: What people? Education: No Child Left Behind gets left behind Congress: Show and tell Chicago in film: Athens on the lake Foreigners: Not so fast Esoteric research: Sneaking with the fishes Lexington: The politics of panic Venezuela’s election: Reasons to celebrate Bello: Lots of diplomacy, not many dollars Argentina’s new president: A rocky road to the Casa Rosada Sunken treasure: Who wants to be a galleonaire? Corruption in Brazil: Weird justice India and Japan: ever closer friends: Come together on the Abe road Floods and India’s Coromandel coast: Next time by water Deaths at sea: The ghost vessels of North Korea Asia’s migrant domestic servants: Broken homes Taxing South Korea’s clergy: More money than God Banyan: In transit Luxury goods: Million dollar mastiffs Film and television: Blood and cuts Islamic State: Unfriended Islamic State’s finances: Degraded, not yet destroyed Yemen: Houthis, Saudis and jihadis South Africa’s debts: Sprinting towards a bail-out Congolese politics: Will Kabila go? France’s National Front: Eyes on the prize Anti-immigrant populism: The march of Europe’s little Trumps Corruption in Ukraine: Making Joe Biden mad as hell German politics: Ursula major Charlemagne: Battling with Britain Britain and the European Union: Cameron’s Brexit gamble The UK Independence Party: Unrisen fruitcakes Sterling: Continental drift Flooding: More storms, less drizzle Asylum-seekers: Turned away Green belts: A notch looser The future of broadband: Battle of the wires Extreme poverty: Leaving it behind Randomised controlled trials: Measure for measure European business and refugees: Getting the new arrivals to work Mergers and antitrust in America: Pushing the limits Alibaba’s media investments: Mission improbable Talent versus hard work: Best or Keegan? Avon’s troubles: Ding-dong Schumpeter: School for frugal innovation Interest rates in America: Buckle up Buttonwood: Taking the training wheels off The Fed and emerging markets: The secular sulk Bill Gates and the IDB: Two-pronged attack Banking in Congo: Cash in a canoe Investing in railways: On the right track The ECB’s medicine: Raising the dose Bitcoin’s schism: Stumbling blocks Slumping commodities: In a hole Free exchange: The gifts of the moguls Downsized car engines: The incredible shrinking machine Engine oil: Fast lube Camera technology: Round the bend Malnutrition: Chicken out Who makes a good father?: Pot luck Distant mountains, frozen seas: The latest pictures from Pluto Finance in films: Short and sweet Immigrant history: The rise and fall of the Jewish deli New fiction: Duty and the beast Argentine culture: Dancing in the dark Economics and legal philosophy: Corrupted bounty Women artists: No man’s land Obituary: Charles Cawley: The man from MBNA Interactive indicators Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Asset performance Markets