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Zhou Enlai

Barbara Barnouin, Yu Changgen / The Chinese University Press / 2006-08-30 / 0 次下载
This new biography of Zhou Enlai is based on research in official documents as well as from longtime acquaintances of Zhou. The authors successfully give an in-depth analysis on the complex personality and controversial actions of Zhou, both as a person and a leader of the Chinese Communist Party. The analysis explors the nature of his political behavior and how such behaviur played a crucial role in modern Chinese history.

The Cultural Revolution in the Foreign Ministry of China

Ma Jisen / The Chinese University Press / 2005-06-29 / 0 次下载
A factual account of the course of the ten-year Cultural Revolution in the Foreign Ministry, based on documents issued in the Cultural Revolution, talks by Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi, and manuscripts of participants. The book includes interviews with Foreign Ministry staff members who took part in the events.