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Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo

Charles Tang / Albert Whitman & Company / 2010-08-06 / 0 次下载
The Alden children explore a series of mix-ups at the zoo in order to save it from pranksters and the town council.

Boxcar Children Super Summer

Charles Tang / Albert Whitman & Company / 2011-11-27 / 0 次下载
The Mystery of the Pirate's MapBenny finds a bottle at the beach with a map inside. The Aldens find out that it could lead to buried gold, but they're not the only ones looking for the hidden fortune. Who will be the first to solve the mystery of the pirate's map?The Amusement Park MysteryThe Aldens visit their cousins Joe and Alice, who live near a wonderful amusement park. It has everything they could ask for — a beautiful merry-go-round, lots of rides and games, all the cotton candy they can eat . . . and a mystery!The Mystery of the Lake MonsterAt Lake Lucille, rumors begin spreading about a monster in the lake. The Aldens even meet a scientist who has been studying lake monsters. One night, when they here strange noises outside, they wonder — what is going on in Lake Lucille?