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The Arabian Nights

Andrew Edited By Lang / Books on Tape, Inc. / 2000-04-18 / 0 次下载
THE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS is one of the great storybooks of the world and is a thousand or more years old. As early as the tenth century, a Persian collection of tales told of a king who was in the habit of killing his wives after their first night together. Finally, he married the Wezir's clever daughter who nightly told him a tale which she left unfinished at dawn so that his curiosity led him to spare her until the tale could be completed. ALADDIN, ALIBABA and SINDBAD are presented here as a tribute to the enduring power these stories have to enchant, to charm, and to mystify. "If you have not done so, read these clever, action-packed stories. Encourage every child you know to do the same. They are as enthralling as when they were first written." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)